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Cold (Low Temperature) Local Heating becomes increasingly accessible

Firstly, “Cold – Local Heating“ sounds like a paradox. What exactly is cold-local heating.

Cold local heating is simply a local heating network at the lowest temperature levels. For example, to take advantage of this energy locally, a heating pump requires adjusting to increase the temperature.The cold-local heating network offers a range of benefits. Every user has the opportunity to use geothermal energy as a source of energy. In addition, the network offers the benefit of using industrial waste heat, i.e.: die casting plants, etc. as these operate at extremely low temperatures. You could say that the industry and the application for heating purposes form a close union. However, the main benefit is most probably the efficiency of the geothermal energy use. Surveys have shown that property owners would tend to switch to the use of geothermal energy if the initial costs for probe drilling (heat pumps) would be cheaper. A heat pump is quite interesting with regard to the regenerative sources of energy such as offshore-wind farms, photovoltaics, etc. and the emission of heat energy into the atmosphere. Here, this technology offers the opportunity that energy providers could hand over the hard to control energy volumes from alternative energy generation to heat pumps and therefore could look after the environment from two aspects. The first step to Smart-Grid not only on the energy website.

Due to our development of the cold-local heating-module, this technology becomes cheaper to realize and cheaper to operate. Using this module we can respond to the cold-local heating demand with flexibility and achieve highest efficiency. The module was submitted under Patent Application Number 10 2009 047 908.2 at the German Patent Office.

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